Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines:

1. Origin
- PCs should be native to Golarion. This shouldn’t be very limiting; in fact the world is so diverse that you could invent a new region, or city for the PC to hail from
- PCs from Varisia will have some extra creation options, and even have some added relevance in the story as the campaign unfolds. This is only “recommended” and not “required”
- PCs can even be from Sandpoint. If you’d like to do this, let me know and I will send you even more information about the town.
-I also recommend reading the Player’s Guide! At the least, read the race/class chapters in the first, older guide. I attached both to this email as well.

2. Rules Stuff
-20 point attribute point buy, using Pathfinder’s point buy rules
-After PC is created and background is complete, choose 2 Traits from either (also any PF book) or the Player’s Guide (the second, newer one) for the Runelords campaign (most likely only applicable to Varisian PCs). Traits must be supported by background.
-As noted before, all Pathfinder content is published under the Open Gaming License, meaning all additional books, beyond the core, are available on the SRD site. (System Reference Document is what that stands for, btw)
-Anything from the books or that site is allowable. Just avoid anything labeled as “3rd party content” (generally you have to go to a different section of the SRD to see the 3rd party content)
-No Class restrictions
-No Race restrictions (but keep in mind that non-core races are EXTREMELY rare and that has a significant impact on how NPCs react to a character of such races)

3. Background
- My favorite way of doing backgrounds is called the “10-minute Background” from a super-popular thread on the DnD forums.—Post_your_characters!
-The idea is to basically outline the important areas of a background without needing to spend massive amounts of time writing a whole story (but if stories are more your style, I’d love to read them!)
-This system very much reciprocates; meaning however much effort and care you put into the background is exactly how much I can give back to your character’s story, in-game.
-I have attached a text document with a few examples of backgrounds using this template. They are all either written by me, as a player, or by players in games that I’ve run
-If you need ideas or suggestions just let me know. Sometimes a good back and forth brain storming session leads to great ideas!
-If you can’t think of a reason for your PC to attend the Swallowtail Festival, let me know. There are certain tidbits of secret information about the town that could give a PC the reason to attend, but they’re not common knowledge so the info will be given on a case by case basis.
-Some of the players I commonly play with, using this background system, are very creative but dislike writing even though this system uses a minimum of actual writing. For these players, we often sit down and work through it together; the player talks to me about his character and I help to type up the background outline. If you’d like to do this, let me know

Character Creation

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