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Campaign Overview

Rise of the Runelords

“An evil of ages past awakens in Varisia, a land of ancient mysteries and fantastic danger.”

This is a traditional, high fantasy campaign that takes place in the world of Golarion, the official default setting of the Pathfinder RPG. Golarion is a world in a very similar style to the Forgotten Realms. It varies greatly by region, including many different cultures, races, and civilizations both old and new. Specifically, this campaign takes place in the region known as Varisia [vah-REES-eeah], a “newly” settled land dotted with the monolithic evidence of an eons-old, continent-spanning, long-dead magical empire.

A few hundred years ago (a mere blink of the eye in the long history of the region), the industrious empire of Cheliax attempted to expand into the unknown land called “Varisia.” They met stiff resistance from the native Shoanti human tribes, but eventually managed to gain a foothold and settle the lush, southern area of Varisia. Korvosa and Magnimar are the only two true cities that now exist in the region, gaining their independence about a hundred years ago during a time of troubles for the Chelish Empire.

Most “modern” (read: traditional fantasy) civilization is based around these two major cities, including the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, located up the coast from Magnimar halfway between the city and Windsong Abbey. Sandpoint was founded forty some-odd years ago by four families of merchants and artisans. After four decades, the town’s population stands at about one and a half thousand, governed by a town council and a duly elected mayor. The town is most well known for its Glassworks, lumber export, and sizeable playhouse (the biggest outside of Korvosa or Magnimar).

A few years ago, Sandpoint experienced a period of concentrated hardships starting with a serial killer whose body count numbered in the dozens and ending with a fire that consumed their town chapel, its priest and his family. The two events are seemingly unconnected, as the serial killer was killed before the fire occurred, but the close timing of the events heightened their impact on the townsfolk. Sandpoint has all but recovered from these dark times, referred to, collectively, as the Late Unpleasantness.

Our story begins in Sandpoint, with the Swallowtail Festival commemorating the opening of the town’s new cathedral to replace the years-ago burned down chapel. The cathedral is without a doubt the town’s most ambitious project to date, a large stone edifice with altars dedicated to the most popular deities worshipped locally. The mayor, the town’s new priest, and the founding families have widely publicized the Festival and are expecting a large attendance, not only from the citizens of the town, but people from each corner of Varisia.

You happen to be one of them!

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Rise of the Runelords